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#MWC14 #opentrendsmwc Summary

Well, after three days of MWC i have some feelings. The first one: I'm very tired, my legs are completely exhausted. On the other hand I'm very happy, as I answered to the GSMA interviewer today, one word to summarize the MWC is networking... we meet very interesting people and i hope keep in touch with the most part of them.

Finally, to be honest, I feel very proud of the effort we made the last months by all the team. Not only the original team (Marina, Eva, Ian, Eusebi, Xavi, Juanjo, Jordi, Carlos, Roberto) of course also the development and stand team (Yolanda, Toni, Vicenç, Eduard, Albert, Dani ...)

Very Good Job!!

We spent the last three days receiving visitors, listening their needs and pains and trying to provide them our point of view, and how they could adopt the context solutions, how they could adopt big data, sensoring (nfc, ble), omnichannel, lbs and mobile to obtain gains. And the most important, WHY adopt them!

We've strong experience providing to our customers (financial industry, automotive industry, utilities industry, retail industry and goverment) strategic advisory to define the right next step without losing the global picture of the future.

All the opentrends team expect that all of you considerate relevant our insights.

PD: I'm also happy to meet Loki Ng, the co-founder of one of my favorite mobile development applications OneSky as I explained to you in my old post "Mobile Development Survivor Kit"

Let me summarize some yesterday conferences notes.

Loyalty and Retention #mwc14loy

  • @JossRefern from LinkedIn talk us about the mobile strategy of the company, and the principle to keep it simple simple. They have a multi-APP strategy focus on the different customers segments or users of the platform (head hunters, professionals, etc) 
  • @JossRefern also share with us him thoughts about the smartphone and mobile adoption, right now at the early majority level of penetration (Diffussion of innovation)
  • @JossRefern also enforce the idea that every device MUST have an specific strategy and scoope. At opentrends we share this though with all of our customers when we help them to define the mobile strategy according for example to this Forrester information
  • @JossRefern share with us the CCC strategy 
    • Consistency
    • Clearly
    • CHOICE
  • @NaubyJacob from BELL talk us about the behavior browser solutions, according to identify behavioral patterns and target better to customers
  • @FabioSisinni from Groupon, give us some interesting insights, and how they transform their product from a daily deal e-mail based, to a thousands deals based on mobile and context
  • @FabioSisinni 50% of groupon's transactions globally are mobile
  • @FabioSisinni is NOT a channel, is a completelly new way to interact with the customer because bring to us the CONTEXT of the customer
  • @FabioSisinni you should design an HABIT not just a mobile experience (I remebered some guidelines from gamification in that point) Fabio talks about the 3R cycle (REMINDER + ROUTINE + REWARD) In that point he explained us about the next sample:
    • Reminder: E-mail or push notification
    • Discovery: Fresh & relevant offer
    • Action: Simple & Fun purchase
    • Reward: Getting the deal with a great discount
  • @FabioSisinni talks us about the relevance of the omni-channel concept for groupon, and the need to understand how the customer are driving through the differents devices, and which kind of product are purchasing in each case
  • @FabioSisinni share with us the context information they are evaluating to provide to the customers better and personalized deals:
    • Time
    • Location
    • Calendar
    • Travel patterns
    • Implicit / Explicit preferences
    • Lifecycle (Is the first visit, is a recurrent user?) Is very important to provide scaffoldings to the customers from the newbie to the mastery level - again a gamification concept
  • @FabioSisinni finally they give us the next reflexion, design for desktop and for mobile is completely different, design MOBILE first, will help you to think simple
  • @LarsFjeldsoe-Nielsen from Dropbox introduce a nice concept, is not about mobility, is about "DIGITAL DARWINISM" and how they are focus on an ABC loyalty & retention strategy
    • Across Platform
    • Bundling
    • Connecting
  • @LarsFjeldsoe-Nielsen explain the agreement between dropbox and samsung to integrate some dropbox's services on the samsungs devices (for example in the new samsung S5) Bundle is about agreement, is about partnership, to offer together with telco operators new services for customers 

Mobile Retail: The one stop shop #mwc14ret

I expected to listen some others speakers, relevant speakers in that segment, like amazon, paypal ... they're providing great solutions to the market, anyway the Walmart introduction achieve completely my session expectations
  • @GibuThomas from Walmart share with the audience very relevant insights about the US market and also the Walmart store strategy off-line and on-line. 
  • @GibuThomas: They try to have their stores to a maximum of 5 miles from all customers
  • @GibuThomas: They want to provide an integrated shopping experience (omnichannel) they know that the 90% of the purchases were in-store, and the mobile is not relevant as a new commerce channel (m-commerce) is relevant as a way to digitalize the customer experience in-store, as a way to use the customer context
  • @GibuThomas: They provide to us some relevant insights and examples about the black friday. For Walmart the loyalty 2.0 is not about cards, points or PBL's strategies, is about transparency, is about best prices guaranteed with automatic refunding and so on
  • @syniverse and @mastercard explained us some insights about the travellers behaviors, and the threats or weakness of the smartphone and data consumption when we're travelling. Basically we forget the smartphone when arrive to other countries, according to the security and also according to the data availability (roaming is still an experience service)
  • In that case is also relevant the T-Systems strategy and how they're providing a free roaming service to their customers
  • @syniverse and @mastercard and @tsystems have an agreement to provide a solution to the market to accelerate the adoption of the mobile payments around
  • @GregBaxer from Citi share their thoughts about the relevance of context, the relevance of provide a personalized experience to customers and integrate on-line and off-line world. He also considerate that the retail don't need to see mobile for m-commerce, they need to see mobile as a way to impact to the off-line commerce and complement the omni-channel experience 
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